Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Secret Hearts

Almond Union's message on Sunday, August 17, was Secret Hearts.  It was a great message that talked about our hearts.  Most of the world today thinks that we're all basically good people, and I can see why that think that.  I've no doubt met more people that can be trusted than those that can't.  Of course, when you meet just one that can't, it's easy to get a little cynical, and wonder if you can trust anyone.

But that notion that all people are basically good people is not taught in scripture.  In this message, we examine what the Bible teaches, and we can be good people.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Feeling pressure to water down the gospel...

This last weekend, Don and Elaine Schiffer, missionaries in Jamaica, were in Almond Union of Churches talking about their ministry.

Sarah Dygert (my lovely daughter) and Lauren Norris have been on two short term mission trips to serve with Don and Elaine in Jamaica, and I loved the opportunity to meet them, to hear them share in church, and even more important, to visit with them after church in our home. 

But one thing they said really bothered me.  As I think about it, it's so widespread, that we believers need to be in prayer.  It seems Jamaicans are under pressure to teach evolution in their school and to widely accept and encourage homosexual marriage.  This pressure comes from outsiders who really have no interest in Jamaica.

Foreign nations, International Monetary Funds, and other forms of foreign aide are all pressuring the Jamaican government to teach these worldly ideals in order to receive the aide they so desperately need.  Here in America, we seem to be under similar pressures, and these ideals are widely taught as the truth, and Believers are being led astray. 

Pray for the church in Jamaica, that they may learn enough about evolution to be able to answer the questions that are being asked.  Pray that Christians in Jamaica may remain faithful as this pressure is sure to build.  Here in America, we've learned all too well that if the enemy can cause us to question the first few chapters of the Book, it won't be long before we're questioning all of it.  And our faith becomes so watered down it can no longer save us.

So pray for Jamaica.  For the monetary problems they have.  For the wisdom to know what aide to accept, and what to turn away.  And pray for the church in America, because we've been facing the same issues for over 50 years, and we seem to be loosing the battle. 

But there is a remnant emerging.  There are churches here in America, and I'm sure there will be in Jamaica, that are standing firm as the remnant church, following Jesus, unwilling to accept unbiblical teaching. 

Pray for the remnant.  More importantly, Be firm in your faith and be part of the remnant. 

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