Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I am sitting in my office looking out over the snow outside, thinking how wonderful it is to be nice and warm inside on a cold winter day! It occurs to me how much sometimes take for granted. Being warm and well fed on such a cold day might be one of those things.

Perhaps another of those things we might take for granted is the sense of belonging that we feel in being a part of the Body of Christ. By faith we belong to a family. We are brothers and sisters with all who proclaim that same faith. We are family.

I know there are times that we don't always act like a family. We sometimes fight amongst ourselves. We sometimes try to one-up each other. We sometimes promote ourselves at the expense of others. Wait a minute - that does sound like family!

Perhaps we can't expect a perfect family made up of people who aren't yet perfect! But even imperfect people can encourage, support, and care for each other as Christ encourages, supports and cares for each of us.

In the posts that follow, I will be sharing thoughts on being part of the Body of Christ. You will find reflections and thoughts that encourage and support you on your spiritual journey toward the cross of Christ. Enjoy...

Pastor Steve

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