Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Sermons from FBC - Jesus is the Son of God

This week we start a new series titled, Who is Jesus?  Today, our topic is Jesus is the Son of God.  We will first look for proof from scripture, then, we look to see what it means for us.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Can we learn anything from the Super Bowl?

Some lessons your church can learn from the Super Bowl:

1. Make the worship leader keep his shirt on. The halftime show featured a Maroon 5 concert in which lead singer Adam Levine tore off his shirt mid-performance to reveal a canvas of bad tattoos. The show was widely panned by viewers—and Levine baring his chest was largely to blame. Most worship leaders have a lot of tattoos as well, but it’s never good to show em off like that.

2. Make sure your pastor isn’t too good-looking. Part of the reason this last Super Bowl was disappointing was that people really don’t like Quarterback Tom Brady. Why? Well, in addition to being one of the best players ever, the guy is good-looking, which doesn’t seem fair. If you have money and fame and success and athletic ability, the least you can do is look like the rest of us. The same goes for pastors. People will resent good-looking pastors (this is why I decided not to be one). Go for an average-looking pastor. It makes him relatable. It helps if he has a bit of a belly too.

3. Have enough points in your sermon. The biggest problem with Super Bowl VIII: not enough points. When neither team scores a touchdown, people tune out. Same thing with your sermon, pastor. It’s nice to have some stories and illustrations but make sure you have some points in there too. Just no celebrating in the end zone.

(from Drew Dyck, Church Humor Newsletter)

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