Friday, October 12, 2007

Another thought on when God seems distant...

Here is another thought on those times when God seems distant.

John Chrysostom, in a commentary on the Prodigal Son, wrote, “When words would not convince us, God often leaves us to learn from the things that happen to us.”

Have you ever seen someone who denies God, or at least doesn’t live for Him, asking how God could allow something dreadful? I saw a lot of that after 9/11. I see some of it after every school shooting. In fact, I see some of it after nearly every tragedy. It may be a natural reaction. Even when we don’t live for God, perhaps we know subconsciously that He is there, and we wonder how could He allow something so devastating.

Perhaps God is leaving us to ourselves. Perhaps He is letting us see a life devoid from His presence. If we insist on living separate from God, He lets us. And the things that happen to us are not of God at all.

So next time God seems distant, make sure it’s not you that’s wandered away.

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