Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Power and the Holy Spirit...

In last Sunday’s message, I talked about the faith of children. How children live their faith and expect you to live your faith. But we are often worried about what others might think or what they may say, so we often remain quiet about our faith. As such, we are very powerless Christians.

Where does our power come from? If we were to become powerful, where would that power come from? It is the power of the Holy Spirit working in us.

How might we get this power? It is the power that comes to us as we submit to God. It is in submitting that we receive the Holy Spirit. It is in submitting that we receive God’s power.

Look at Peter’s example. The evening of Jesus’ arrest, he was just like you and me. Even though he had just spent the last three years with Jesus, in the courtyard, Peter denied even knowing Christ three times. Yet in Acts chapter 2, we see a powerful Peter, a transformed Peter. When Peter preaches in the streets over three thousand people come to faith in Jesus Christ.

What was the difference? The difference was the Holy Spirit! In the beginning of the chapter, the Holy Spirit came on the disciples. Even Peter, a disciple of Christ, perhaps the most sincere of all the twelve, could do nothing without the Holy Spirit. But with the Holy Spirit, there was no limit to His power!

If you want to be more powerful in your faith and in your witness for Christ, submit. The irony is the first shall be last - those that submit will be filled with Power. Because the power doesn’t come from within us. The power comes from God, and His Spirit working through us.

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