Thursday, September 27, 2007

A final thought on Ravi Zacharias...

This comment actually came up during a discussion time afterward…

The ancient church swam against the stream of culture on virtually every issue. In the last few hundred years, we have accepted many modern thoughts (the age of modernity). However, now the age of modernity is past, and we are in a time frame referred to as post-modernity. In postmodern thought, the church can no longer be comfortable with culture.

Postmodern thought clings to ideas that are often contrary to the church. There is a belief that what is right for you might not be right for me – there is no absolute right. The same goes for morals – trying to persuade people to live a moral life is old-fashioned, there is no longer a moral right or wrong, and again, what’s right for you might not be right for me.

Of course, the church holds very dear the fact that there is such a thing as absolute truth – and we know the author! We know that the Bible clearly teaches moral right from wrong.

These are two examples, there are many more, but they suggest that the church can no longer be comfortable in the culture around them.

The real question for the church today, especially the church in America, is this: Have we become too comfortable with culture to begin swimming against culture once more?

Are you too comfortable with the society in which you live to swim against the stream of culture?

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